Swedish Championship 2014

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Swedish Rubik's cube championships 2014

September, 20-21
Tobbes amazon, Flen, Sweden

The competition will be an official WCA-competition, open for everybody. The WCA rules will be implemented and Gunnar Krig and Anders Larsson will be the competition's WCA-delegates responsible for ensuring that the rules are followed. The competition results will be added to WCA´s official world ranking.


Registration is made through the competition's WCA page.
Participation fee is set to 100 SEK, and should be pre-payed to the following account for the registration to be valid
(Foreign cubers don't have to pay the fee in advance, but can pay on site at the venue)

Bank: Nordea
Account number: 1107 30 52095
Message: Give your WCAID or name as message for the transaction

Any profit from the competition will be used for future purchase of equipment such as stackmats, batteries etc. When you've registered, go to the following form and tell which size you'd like your competition T-shirt. (Those who hasn't given their size request will recieve a LARGE).

Registration is closed on friday the week before the competition, e.g. September 12th. This means that after this date no registrations or additions will be accepted. This is to be able to plan the competition and create good groupings for competitors and judges for each event and to be able to finalize the schedule.

Please check your registration before the closing day, if you want to do any additional registrations or remove an event. We will send out an e-mail when it's getting close to the 6th to remind you of the possibility to change your registration.

If you don't register before or at the 12th, you might register on site before the competition starts. This will cost 150 SEK for the first event + an additional 30 SEK for each extra event. Please be adviced that it's important to arrive early if you haven't pre-registered. Pre-registered competitors may add events on site for 30 SEK per event.

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